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Saturday 5pm
Sunday 10 am
Daily at 8am
Holy Days of Obligation 12pm and 7pm

What is our Mass like?

The Maronite Liturgy is called Service of the Holy Mysteries and derives from the Syriac "ministering at the altar". Liturgy, Qourbono and other words are used.


The entire liturgy (prayers, gestures, music, art, and architecture) reflects from beginning to end, glory to God for His loving mercy and the call of the worshipper to forgiveness and rebirth.

The attitude of the Maronite worshiper is unworthiness of and readiness for the second coming of the Lord Jesus. "Blessed is he who has come and will come in the name of the Lord" (Maronite Liturgy).

The believer is likened to a ship opening its sails to the Holy Spirit and making its maiden voyage home to the harbor of safety.

The Holy Spirit is the principal minister in the liturgy. He is the beginning, the end and the perfection of all things.

The Service of the Holy Mysteries develops three themes:

1) humanity's creation in God's image;
2)deep awareness of God's mercy toward sinful people;
3) joyful praise of the Trinity.

The tone of the service is simple and direct in the monastic spirit of its founder, St. Maron. A balance is achieved between the hiddenness and presence of God in Jesus.

The worshiper becomes involves in a human-divine drama which unfolds before and within him and makes once a sharer in the Kingdom. The Mysteries/Sacraments become the meeting point for the believer and God.

The communal aspect of worship is emphasized by the fact that the community is absorbed in a continuous dialogue with the celebrant who mediates on behalf of Christ the High Priest, and the deacon who serves an instructing and coordinating role.

 reprinted with permission from "Being A Maronite Catholic" by Msgr. Ronald Beshara




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