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Becoming Maronite Catholic
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Becoming Maronite Catholic

Why follow the Maronite Tradition ?

If you are interested in establishing a relationship with God or interested in enhancing your relationship with God - consider the Maronite Catholic Church as a good spiritual portal.  The roots of the Maronite Church are traced back to ancient times when Christ walked the earth and to this day the Church continues Christ's Aramaic language in Liturgies and other celebrations.
We are a Catholic Church following the Eastern Rite.  If you are already Catholic we invite you to come and experience the EASTERN Rite.  We offer the same Sacraments (Mysteries) with an older tradition.  You lose nothing by sharing the experience with someone  you know of who may be in search of renewal of his/her faith.  As Pope John XXIII indicates, you may even find the "Treasure" worth the effort. 

Taking the step of joining our family can be done in the following ways listed below.   The first step is developing a relationship with Jesus Christ.  We are ready to help.
Affiliation with the Maronite Church for existing Catholics

For a person who is Catholic, a meeting with our Rector may be all that is needed.  In some cases, Chrismation (confirmation) may be needed.  A child who is born of a Maronite Father is already Maronite Catholic regardless of which Catholic Church he or she was baptized at. 

Becoming a Maronite Catholic for Non Catholics

A person who desires to be received into communion (unity) with the Church may do so by contacting  our parish priest who will set up a meeting.  Our pastor may ask others (e.g., a deacon, subdeacon, a knowledgeble parishoner) to assist in the formal instruction in the Faith and understanding of the traditions and customs of the Maronite Church. 
If the person has never been validly baptized, he or she, must be baptized and receive Chrismation (confirmation) at a time mutually agreed upon by the pastor and the person; reception of the Eucharist would follow.  
If the person has already been baptized (e.g., in the Lutheran or other Protestant denomination) he or she must receive Chrismation followed by reception of the Eucharist.
If the person is a member of one of the Eastern Orthodox Churches, he or she has already been baptized, received Chrismation and the Eucharist.  A different process would be employed for this person to be received into the Catholic/Maronite Church and should conuslt with the Rector.

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