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 Saint Raymond's Maronite Cathedral  is one of the Catholic Churches in Saint Louis, Missouri.   However, we are very unique in several respects from our sister churches here in Saint Louis.

  • Many of our parishioners are of Arabic or Lebanese descent.  You will find many families came over from the Middle East throughout the past 100 years.   However, being Lebanese is not a requirement and anyone who loves our ancient Maronite tradition is encouraged to join our church.
  • We have a unique Liturgy compared to our sister churches.   While our Liturgical Language is Aramic, our church has both English and Arabic Speakers.   If you only speak English or only Arabic you should have no trouble participating in our Liturgy.
  • We are of the Maronite Tradition.   Fully Catholic but different from Roman Catholic, but in full communion with Rome.   Meaning that Roman Catholics can fully participate in our Mass and receive the Eucharist.

The Maronite Church is one of many churches which are from Eastern and Western Catholic traditions.

Catholic: Member of one holy apostolic church.

Western: Originating in the ancient see of Rome

Eastern: Originating in ancient sees of Antioch, Alexandria and Constantinople

As Jesus commissioned the apostles to go into the world and make disciples of all nations, the early church grew and spread out from Jerusalem. It experienced other traditions, cultures, customs, languages, art forms, architecture and music. Eastern and Western Christians expressed the same basic truths of their Catholic faith in unique ways and worshiped differently.

There are over 750 million Catholics (Eastern and Western) in the world. Nearly 2 million Catholics of the Eastern Churches live in the United States.

All Catholics share three important things:
•Apostolic Faith
•Unity with Pope (Successor of Peter)

A Church is not the same as a rite. Within the Catholic Church there are 22 autonomous churches, each of which follows one of the 6 major rites.

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